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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Says Covenant School Manifesto Could Create Blueprint For School Violence

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending school violence nationwide; announced late Friday evening, that it is supporting family members of the recent Covenant School Shooting in Nashville, Tennessee; calling for the shooter's "Manifesto," to remain private and out of the general public access.

The foundation, formed in response to the Robb Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas is one of the invitees to the Nashville Metro Council's recently announced public series of sessions designed to address the cities gun violence and school safety crisis on June 21st 2023. It also recently awarded Nashville Metropolitan Police for their heroic response to the shooting.

Foundation National Director, Daniel Chapin released a brief statement in Friday's announcement surrounding the growing manifesto debate, saying:

"The primary concern for all first and foremost here should be the privacy, safety & ensuring that those families directly & indirectly affected by that day are not retraumatized by the sure public dissection and endless publicity such a release would ignite. Finding the balance between dissemination of information which could result in copycat incidents; as we have seen time and time again since Columbine HS & releasing information within the Manifesto which may provide valuable insight helpful to minimize risks of future potential incidents is a daunting challenge."

The Foundation believes that a balance may be found by limiting general public access to sensitive, potentially dangerous writings; while allowing law enforcement & select few oversighted personnel and organizations access for investigative & prevention purposes.

We applaud the courts recent ruling to hear these brave families out as they and the community continue to try to heal, learn, apply & keep moving forward with lives, tragedy & memories that ultimately belong to them."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



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