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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To Teacher Shot At University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill


28 August 2023

(North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

In a early Tuesday release, responding to the tragic shooting of a teacher on the campus of the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill; The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to ending school violence, released the below statement from its founder, Daniel Chapin. 

The foundation, which was formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting & who responded more recently to the Richneck Elementary School shooting of Abby Zwerner in Newport News, Virginia; noted in the release that it will be extending its own 24 hour online mental health & crisis support services for students immediately at: This in addition to the campus support services.

Students are encouraged to connect LIVE 24 hours and can speak anonymously or directly; either with peer counselors from across the nation who themselves have experienced similar trauma, or professional counselors. An 888 line will be available later in the week. Additional support resources will be provided to the university as needed.



"Our foundation shares a special heart and  understanding of the tragic road the Chapel Hill community must take; as they now join an unfortunate fraternity, consisting of those of us who have personally faced such tragedy on our campuses. With that understanding comes not only our empathy, but our commitment to provide, to the extent needed, any and all of our support resources to the University community at this time.

On a personal note - it was on that very campus, many years ago, that I decided that I myself wanted to go to college. Walking amongst the beauty there and the people I met and saw motivated a then dissilusioned young man. Now we have come full circle, tragically to this day. I never thought it would be such an event leading me back.

Nevertheless, this is the time to place the books aside and process, grieve, heal and connect. The Chapel Hill community is known for its connection to its students and community. I implore the local community and national community to reach out as well. Otherwise, what do our words of comfort truly mean? Our foundation will do our part. We grieve for the loss of this dedicated teacher & the family who must now face life without them."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 493 3725 OR 888 685 8464 (1 Sept)



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