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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To Shooting Of Teacher At Knoxville West High School

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



1239PM (CST)

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a nonprofit 591c3 organization dedicated to ending national school violence; formed following the Robb Elementary School mass shooting In Uvalde, Texas; announced in a statement, Friday afternoon, that it is extending its 24 hour crisis mental health support & other available resources to students, families, staff & concerned school community members at WEST HIGH SCHOOL in Knoxville, Tennessee; following a teacher being shot on campus, earlier Friday.

The release noted that foundation national crisis team members were notified by concerned students and school community members at the school; following todays shooting incident of the teacher. The teacher was reported to have received minor injuries by a discharged bullet from the gun; held in a students backpack. That student is in custody following the incident.

The foundation noted this is the 2nd National school shooting involving a teacher; most recently at Newport News, Virginia; awarding teacher ABBY ZWERNER, who was shot by a student; with its national HERO TEACHER recognition.

Foundation officials stated in the release that current concerns out of Knoxville are coming in from parents; as to how the student got a loaded weapon onto the campus and into the classroom.

The foundation noted that their independent investigation teams will review the issue following completion of the still active investigation from school officials and law enforcement.

The foundation issued the following statement:

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Most Concerned About The Developing Situation At WEST HIGH In Knoxville. We would like to know how yet again a gun ends up in a school classroom. However, at this time, the main focus is on the ensuring the safety and provision of support services for those affected, including school administrators. This is a frightening and difficult time for the school community and the foundation extends both its heart and resources to aide moving forward."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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