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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Releases Statement On Uvalde, Texas - 1 Year Later

"This Past Year As The Families & Community Of Uvalde, Texas Have Faced The Hardest Days Imaginable; None Of Us In This Nation, Even With The Purest Of Hearts, Outside Of That Experience; Can Completely Understand The Sense Of Loss & Emotions Resulting From That Fateful Day. And While We Empathize; The Pain Suffered By The Community & Families Who Bravely Faced It; Will Always Truly Be Understood By Them Alone.

Yet, Communities Small & Large Across The Nation; Have Rallied Behind A Small Texas Community Grieving Losses Unimaginable To Most Of Us: But A Closer Reality To All Of Us Than We Have Ever Thought Possible Over This Last Year.

Since Uvalde, We Are Unsure If We Are Not Much Closer To Understanding The Events Of That Day; May 24th 2022. Yet, as The Media & Memorials Have Faded Over The Last Year - We Have Learned That We Do Not Want To Bury Any More Of Our Children! We Have Learned What It Means To Come Together & At Times Even Be Divided; Only To Realize While Approaches Might Be Different, Our Hearts & Focus Share A Communality.
We Have Learned That Real Change To End Violence Against Our Students & Youth Needs To Manifest On Every Level - From The State Capital To School Hallways - If We Are To Save Lives. And, We Have Learned That The Task Is A Daunting One.
Brave Families & A Brave Community Have Led The Way In Uvalde, Texas; As A Nation Breathlessly Watched - Determined That The Losses Would Not Be In Vain; Determined To End The Violence.

Sadly, Students At Robb Elementary School That Day, Who Thankfully Were Not Injured Or Killed; Added To The Over 331,000 Other Students, From Across The Nation; Who Have Experienced School Gun Violence Since Columbine High School, In Colorado in 1999.

May 24th 2022 Added A Small Texas Town Named Uvalde, To That Daunting List Of School Shootings & Violence Resulting In More Grieving Mothers, Father's, Families & Community Members Across This Country. And Here We Are, America - 1 Year Later.

Just As Educators Seek To Empower Students In Classrooms Across This Nation To Bring Their Knowledge Into The World For Good - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids; Formed Following The Tragedy Of Uvalde, Texas Has Joined Organizations, Individuals, Bipartisan Political Groups, Adults & Students Across This Nation This Last Year; To Bring Those Lessons Born In The Halls Of Robb Elementary School; To School Communities Across The Nation. The Objective - To End School Violence - BEFORE It Happens.

1 Year Later, The Work For All Of Us Is Truly Only Beginning.
The Robb Elementary School Shooting; Was An Example Of A Culture Of Violence Which Is Taking Over Schools & Communities Across This Nation. And That Culture Must Be Addressed If We Are To End This Historical Cycle For Good. It Goes Far Beyond Just Gun Control. We Have Learned Since Uvalde That We Cannot Rely On Washington Or Politicians To End The Violence Taking Away Our Kids. We Each Must Do Our Part.

The Families of Uvalde, Texas Have Shown America This Last Year; That We Have An Added Responsibility To Take Those Lessons From Uvalde & ACT Upon Them - In Uvalde - In Dallas - In San Antonio & In The Numerous School Communities Across This State & Nation Who Are Dealing With An Increase In School Violence. That Responsibility Includes Addressing Violence On ALL LEVELS.

We Have Consistently Witnessed This Year Alone, The Positive Imprint A Collective Approach; Including Proper Mental Health Care, Addressing Bullying, Empowering & Reeducating School Communities In School Safety, Behavior Modification Programs, Increasing SRO Presence in Schools, etc., All Work Together To Both Save & Enrich Student Lives.
A Change In Culture Will Make A Difference In Ending Gun Violence. We Cannot Condone Or Glamorize Violence In Our Films & Video Games For Example & Then Mourn When It Visits Our Classrooms & School Communities. And, We Must Encourage Once Again The Engagement Of Our Student's Family Unit (Whatever That Might Look Like) In The School Community & Our Students School Lives.

21 Lives Were Lost That Day In Uvalde, Texas. 21 Lives Are Still Yet To Be Fully Honored. This Week We Will Honor & Grieve In Our Own Way; As We Remember May 24, 2022 - 1 Year Later.

And, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Will Continue The Work To End School Violence, Tomorrow. Join Us..."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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