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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Provides Maui School Relief Update Following Devastating Wildfires

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has recently been in email communication with Superintendent Hayashi with Maui Public Schools as well as the current principal at King Kamehameha III Elementary School In Lahaina there in West Maui, Hawai'i. We are learning more and more of the devastating impact the recent wildfires have had on the school communities there.

While many students have returned to classes in some areas of the island, some are now completely without a school. This is apart from of Hawaii., from the even harsher reality that so many families are displaced currently and fearing the worst for many of their loved ones.

Dr. Hayashi's office has expressed their staff appreciation for our foundation's efforts to aide so many of the displaced students & struggling school communities there in Maui on both an Immediate and extended basis.

After our connection with Dr. Hayashi, The Uvalde Foundation For Kid, in an effort to expedite & extend both immediate & ongoing aide to these school communities & so as to assure that donations are distributed locally as needed; will continue to collect financial support via our special GOFUNDME and School Emergency Fund Program.

National NonProfit Responds To Maui School Communities Following Wildfires:

All donations to our platforms will now be streamlined from our foundation directly to the, "Public Schools of Hawai'i Foundation." This is our trusted source for DIRECT aide to school communities. Our additional vetting, streamlined distribution of financial & "In Kind," donations, through the foundation & our ngoing oversight process; will hopefully allow more of those wishing to donate; clarity & assurance in knowing their donations are going to the students, schools & school communities DIRECTLY!

Additionally - Superintendent Hayashi's office has also advised our foundation that, "In Kind," donations for affected students and families are also being accepted on an ongoing basis. These are item needs such as clothing, blankets, school supplies, etc., that individual schools might need on an extended basis.

Please note: If you would like to make an, "In Kind," donation to a particular school listed, or any of the schools on our list generally, please email [email redacted] and include your contact information and items/donations you would desire to make. A foundation team member will contact you ASAP and as ongoing needs arise to streamline the process. Through our partners and donation drives, we hope to be in a position as well to cover, or at least offset, ALL DONOR COSTS associated with future shipping to the schools. Foundation team members will again coordinate shipping and other details collectively with all donors, throughout August/September 2023.

Financial Donations currently address the most IMMEDIATE needs of these students & families. Please DONATE via our links provided, as able & willing.

Friends, we are learning from some of our local contacts in the region, that currently aide, as offered through the Red Cross and FEMA; while ongoing, is becoming an increasingly lengthy & burdensome process. Some residents, including students and families of the affected school communities we are reaching out to, are having difficulty finding & receiving immdiate support.
Many of these are students in more remote parts of Lahaina more secluded from where major aide is begin distributed.

That noted, our foundation will continue local, more grassroots approach in aiding, including our direct communication with local schools and our friends at the, "Public Schools of Hawai'i Foundation," to ensure more immediate, direct and extended care to those school communities in need.

Our fundraising platforms will also continue indefinitely. As with all our efforts to the school communities across the nation; we recognize the importance and necessity of both the immediate & ongoing care needs.

Schools such as King Kamehameha III Elementary School, will need to completely rebuild. Families and students are searching for loved ones, when they should be back to school shopping. The Uvalde Foundation For Kids will be there. We continue to stand with the schools communities and students - Our, "O'hana."

The entire team here at The Uvalde Foundation For Kids thanks those, past & future who have so generously to the student & school communities of West Maui/Lahaina.

The Work Continues....

Daniel Chapin, Founder

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



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