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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Outlines National Mission For 2023/2024 School Year

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids asserts that when our nation begins to both systematically and on a grassroots level, reverse the "Culture Of Violence;" in essence change the lessons being culturally indoctrinated and taught to our students outside the classroom in all its forms; we can then begin to reverse the tragic trajectory of violence; from bullying resulting in teen suicide to students taking guns to their classrooms instead of books.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids does not underestimate this particular, 'Pandemic,' taking the lives of far too many of our sons and daughters. This does not exclude, of course, those numerous students & staff who have experienced violence in their schools.

In part, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is accomplishing our mission, by aggressively and thoroughly coordinating efforts through school communities and students themselves; in areas such as bullying prevention, gun violence prevention, nonviolent communication workshops for students, safety training & support for teachers & school staff; among other programming.

And, the Foundation works to actively provide additional security and safety training resources to enhance a schools individual security; for example situational awareness & uniquely, student organized, active shooter training & prevention.

Additionally, through a variety of resources; including providing emergency and followup mental health treatment, crisis intervention & counseling services, for students, staff, family members & communities having experienced a school crisis such as those crippling our nations classrooms currently - Our Foundation serves as a response agency; dedicated to ensuring those experiencing school violence have the counseling resources immediately and ongoing to expedite what is always guaranteed to be a trauma victims ongoing healing journey.



- Make it a felony offense against any individual who makes a false "swatting," threat against a school institution.

- Require autopsies of children killed in school/mass shootings to be kept private

- Require Metal Detectors In Every School (Elementary - High School)

- Require "Manifestos," of those who commit mass shootings at schools to be kept private, except for legitimate investigation & prevention purposes use by law enforcement, etc.

- Require SROs In Every Public School nationwide (Elementary - High School)

- No guns law for anyone who suffers from, or is being treated for a mental illness or a serious emotional disturbance, including those who have ever had a "5150, or 5151" status, unless cleared by a mental health professional (Harm To Self Or Others)

- Allow law enforcement to petition the court to apply a mental health order for anyone who poses a threat by owning a firearm

- Increased student mental health care & multilevel programming in schools designed to recognize the varying forms of violence & implement susainable programs to PREVENT IT


- Increased bullying prevention programming & behavioral care on schools

- Increased mental health support & care for teachers & school support staff

- Increased accountability to schools and student focused institutions to provide safe, violence free & healthy environments

- Making it a felony to commit a violent crime with a deadly weapon within 3000 feet of a school

- Holding adults accountable for giving kids guns

- Nearly half of US states, 24, do not require any school safety training for teachers and staff, according to the Education Commission of the States. The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Will Be Launching An Aggressive 2023/2024 School Year National Campaign To Change That Statistic!

Those states are: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, South Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.



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