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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Addresses Texas School District Violence Following Student's Assault

Updated: May 20, 2023

Spring ISD (Texas)

Updated Story LINK - 19 May 2023

"Even though the two entities announced they won’t be partnering because of different points of views, there may be a renewed sense of hope for those crying out for help."

Updated Story LINK:


Updated Statement From The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Regarding Westfield High School/Spring Independent School District (Texas)

May 18, 2023

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, is inviting those with specific safety concerns or incident reports; or those who may need simply a safe place to be heard on this issue, please do contact us.

While Spring ISD has officially rejected efforts to intervene on a collaborative level with our foundation, to address the seriousness of the issue; which officials assert has been, "exaggerated," our independent investigations Into the safety concerns and moreso support of the students, staff & school community - will continue... At this time due to the lack of district focus on the issue at hand; we are no longer seeking the school or districts collaboration in the 12 week process at this time.

It is apparent to our foundation that the district itself has a plethora of safety issues which have surfaced over the last year. The district is either "blind," to the extent of the concerns or there is a extreme lack of focus on student & teacher safely; which must be amended.

Sadly, we are witnessing the districts continued attempt to minimize, redirect or attempt to discredit those challenging the district’s ability to address ongoing safety issues Illustrated in their claims that the number of those coming forward with concerns have been exaggerated. While this is not the case - Our Foundation has a question for the district! How many injured teachers or scared students will it take?"


(Spring, TX) (NATIONAL) May 17 2023 (1035am)

Re: Westfield High School 9th Grade Center/Spring Independent School District

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit formed in response to the Robb Elementary School Shooting In May 2022 in Uvalde, Texas & dedicated to addressing & ending school violence; released this week, that it continues to respond to multiple requests for intervention into student & staff safety concerns at Westfield High School In Houston, Texas & the Spring ISD; following a recent student assault on an administrator at the campus..

The foundation release stated that teachers, parents & students are reporting that, throughout the SPRING ISD; including at Westfield High, they have not felt safe for some time; leading up to the current incident on the campus of about 2,500 students. Those reporing concerns allege that these are not being properly addressed by school and district officials; they claim are both, "Understaffed & Ambivalent to the reality and expanse of the violence; including weapons, bullying and gang activity on the campus."

Some parents have noted their intention of pulling their students out of the school district altogether.

According to the foundation release, it is in communication with Spring ISD district officials to offer staff support, volunteer safety training and crisis resources; in addition to current resources available through the school.

The release further noted that the foundation has expressed concerns directly to the district & has launched a preliminary investigation into the school & district; including interviews with students/staff & students to aide in ensuring teacher/student & parent concerns are represented and addressed.

Daniel Chapin, the Foundation's National Director & Founder stated, "The Foundation is encouraged at this point with the current openness of district officials to enter into discussions with us & to review internally further actions to address the ongoing safety concerns of the school communiy as a whole moving into the end of this school year; into the next."

The foundation also noted that its preliminary review, based in part on current interviews & preliminary research over the last few weeks since the most recent incident at WHS; highlights to the need for additional school staffing, SRO development & safety/behavioral management support; particularly at Westfield HS.

Foundation National Director, Daniel Chapin, noted in a statement regarding the case; stating that this is the 4th incident nationally which the foundation has responded to involving school violence, directed toward an educator, this year alone; including Richneck Elementary School In Newport News, Virginia and Denver East High School In Denver, Colorado.

The foundation has extended its 24 hour phone support including mental health support services to staff and the school community, indefinitely.

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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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