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Iowa School Principal To Receive Heroism Award From National Nonprofit After Fatal Shooting

Updated: Jan 14

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids


Perry, Iowa — The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit organization formed in response to the May 2022 Uvalde, Texas school shooting, announced Friday afternoon that it will be recognizing Perry High School Principal,

Dan Marburger, one of five people injured in the early morning shooting at Perry High School this week; with its NATIONAL AWARD FOR HEROISM after being shot protecting students at Perry High School In Perry, Iowa this week.



14 January 2024

Uvalde Foundation For Kids Announces Passing Of Iowa Principal Shot At Perry High School

"The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Mourns The Passing Of Our Heroism Award Recipient, Mr. Dan Marburger. We Will Continue In Our Plans To Recognize This Student Hero For Giving What Now What Remains His Ultimate Sacrifice - His Very Life; To Protect His Students. Our Hearts & Prayers Remain With His Family & The Perry High School Community At This Time. Moreso, Beyond Words - Our Work Will Continue Where He Left Off... Thank You, Principal Marburger..."


Officials with the foundation stated that as a part of the award, and until a direct GOFUNDME has been organized by Mr Marburger's family - The foundation has set up an ongoing emergency FUND to support Marburger with his ongoing medical costs, etc., associated with his recovery. As a VERIFIED GOFUNDME IS organized - A Link Will Be Provided Herein as UPDATE

DONATIONS ARE Tax Deductible, Vetted By Our Board & UPDATED DAILY. All Funds Received Will be FORWARDED DIRECTLY TO THE Family Upon Verification.



Referred to by his daughter as, a “gentle giant," foundation officials said that Marburger placed himself in harm’s way to confront and distract the teen shooter so as to allow students to escape.

Founder of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, Daniel Chapin noted in the release that, "This is the true definition of a hero. This gentlemen represents the growing voice of educators who do not merely stand in words against violence against our students, but also in action! This individual took a vow to care for his students - And he did so valiantly and joins a host of heroes across this nation who place themselves in danger to protect our children. We honor Mr. Marburger as should a grateful community."

The foundation noted that the principal joins other individuals nationally to receive recognitions through its award program, including Hero Teacher, Abby Zwerner, out of Newport News, Virginia; who the award itself is named after. Other recipients included the Nashville Police Department, following their response to the Covenant School shooting and more recently officers with the Pittsburgh Police Department who ended an on campus school shooting threat earlier this month.

Teacher Shot By Student Reacts To Grant:

Covenant School Officers To Be Honored:

Pittsburgh Bureau Of Police Recognized By Uvalde Nonprofit:


Officials with the foundation stated that as a part of the award, the foundation is setting up a month long emergency FUND to support Marburger & his family with ongoing medical costs associated with his ongoing recovery from the incident.

An award presentation ceremony to honor Marburger will be planned in the near future. Officials with the foundation requesting the Perry, Iowa Chief of Police & Mayor as presentation hosts.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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