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Citing Threats - Uvalde Foundation For Kids Cancels Memphis/Olathe "Satan Club," Protests

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids cancels Satanic Temple "After School Satan Club," protests planned at Chimneyrock Elementary School In Memphis, Tennessee & Olathe Northwest in Olathe, Kansas: Clarifies Stance


Foundation officials noted in an announcement that unspecified threats against the organization & increased concerns about protests disrupting school activities & students; warranted the foundation's decision to pull planned demonstrations against the Satanic Temple clubs at both locations, January 3rd and January 10th 2023. Other tentatively planned protests scheduled, including in California, are being reevaluated...

"While our foundation remains committed to our stance against the influence of the Satanic Temple on students & it's potential to create conflict on campuses and amongst school communities - the safety of students, protestors, community members & likewise, our own foundation team members & volunteers remains a priority at this time.
We have learned that potential protests by our foundation would be met by potential aggressors and as such are canceling protests planned in both Memphis, Tennessee & Olathe, Kansas. 
The safety of students, school communities and the safety of our team members must precede our mission. Our mission, however, continues as the foundation pursues other avenues, including a formal written appeal to the state board of education and an appeal to The Satanic Temple themselves in both Tennessee and Kansas; for a review of the recent decisions by school district officials to have these clubs on campuses.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is dedicated to defending & supporting our Nation's Constitution; including the right of freedom of religious variety, expression and representation - INCLUDING within our public school system. This remains even if individually and collectively we may not agree with a particular belief system. The Satanic Temple's legal rights & ability under the Constitution as such is beyond question.
Our challenge, however, is that one's freedom of expression, belief, etc is protected so far as it does not infringe upon or threaten the existence of another's and/or threaten to create conflict where none is necessary or needed - such as in our schools....
The Satanic Temple is not seeking to establish these after school clubs to allow for freedom or religious expression. They have openly admitted such. They do not seek to support students nor the schools they seek to hold their clubs in. The Satanic Temple only seeks to divide and create conflict. They disguise it as "Alternatives," & under their Constitutional rights. We see it for what it remains. Beyond a Constitutional misrepresentation - This is a form of cultural, if not spiritual violence, which in any form, especially within our schools cannot be tolerated by us..

The Below Is Taken From The Satanic Temple Manual On Education Prior To The Current Launch Of The "After School Satan Clubs"

The physical, tragic manifestation of violence in our schools has filled more graveyards than our foundation wishes to consider. Gun violence, student suicide, bullying & more have darkened the future's of so very many of our students and communities across the nation. And it has been difficult at times to come together....
Yet, the violence which makes the headlines, as another student is buried; remains only a mere symptom of the underlying "Culture of Violence," a separation mentality, one that puts religion against religion, culture against culture - one that glorifies violence in Hollywood yet mourns when it visits our doorsteps. And in doing so this culture of violence in America puts our students and communities against each other.
And we wonder why we have an exploding epidemic of violence across this nation. And we wonder why when bullets start to fly in our campuses?!?!
Addressing & challenging those such as the Satanic Temple, that would seek to disrupt the current delicate hold schools, teachers, administrators and school communities have on attempting to create peaceful, positive learning environments for our students only completes our ongoing mission to truly END VIOLENCE in all it's forms within our schools and amongst our students.
Violence must be addressed on this cultural level; it must be addressed physically, mentally & spiritually; before a weapon is picked up or fist is ever clenched.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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