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The Uvalde Foundation For Kids & Crisis Support Therapy Partners

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

As The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Continues To Build Upon & Expand Our Services To School Communities Both Locally & Nationally; We Continue To Build Upon Collaborative Partnerships Which Add To The Range, Effectiveness & Sustainability Of Our Programming & Outreaches.

In That Light - The Foundation Is Honored To Announce Our Support Of & Developing Collaboration With, "Crisis Support Therapy Partners." This Is In Addition To Our Current Mental Health Care Programming Designed As Both Preventative & As Needed, Responsive - So As To Provide Additional, MultiLevel Approaches To Mental Health Care For School Communities & Individuals Dealing With Traumatic Events.

Through a variety of resources; including providing emergency and followup mental health treatment, crisis intervention & counseling services, for students, staff, family members & communities having experienced a school crisis such as those crippling our nations classrooms currently - Our Foundation is dedicated to ensuring those experiencing school violence have the counseling resources immediately and ongoing to expedite what is always guaranteed to be a trauma victims ongoing healing journey.

Yet, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids & Our Partners, stand equally committed to providing self care tools for students, families, parents & all who seek to be more empowered & prepared to handle criisis of all sorts - Both Inside & Outside of the classroom.

Mental health care team members dedicate a specific amount of time with on call hours of service to our school communities based on their availability monthly. This is accomplished virtually, via telephone counseling & when able, in person.

Our team provides these services at no cost to those individuals we serve. Team members either volunteer to serve in such capacity OR receive arranged compensation via the Foundation's "Emergency Aide," fund.

"The world is hurting and it is incumbent upon us all to help heal one another. The interconnectedness of all things has become more evident as people, problems, and solutions come face to face with one another. Such is the case especially in the time of crisis." (Monica Hamer, Founder/Crisis Therapy Partners)

PROFESSIONAL Crisis, Mental Health & Student/Peer Counselors Available 24 Hours/7 Days Per Week.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464 (24 Hours)



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