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The Third Harmony: Nonviolence and the New Story of Human Nature

Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Presents: The Third Harmony

written & directed by Michael Nagler of the Metta

Center For Nonviolence

Tells the story of nonviolence, humanity’s greatest (and most overlooked) resource


This 44-minute film is part of a larger project that includes a book and a cooperative board game, with an original score by Jim “Sky” Schulyer.

In 2024 with your support, we will be "doubling down," along with the Metta Center For NonViolence on their planned outreaches for the Third Harmony with retreats, film screenings, game nights, teach-ins, courses, and more as part of the Third Harmony Volunteer Corps

Our National Teams Are Ready Including STUDENT AMBASSADORS


Screen & Support The Film Project HERE

After you watch it, let the Metta Center For NonViolence know your thoughts! What’s your favorite quote from the film? What did you learn


The Basics of Nonviolence: A New Course

As our foundation continues to develop our own Online Seminar Series for the Spring/Summer 2024 - We ourselves continue to learn & are so excited about this upcoming workshop! Join The Uvalde Foundation For Kids as we study nonviolence with Michael Nagler in the New Year

Register FREE Today

DONATIONS FOR THIS SEMINAR ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED, ALTHOUGH NOT REQUIRED & Will Be Used To Support The Ongoing Work Of The Metta Center For Nonviolence In Petaluma, California. DONATIONS FOR THIS SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY ARE NOT MADE TO The Uvalde Foundation For Kids.

Donations To The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Ongoing Efforts To End School Violence On All Levels, Across The Country May Be MADE HERE!



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