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Texas DPS Director, Steve McCraw Needs To Make Good On Resignation Promise Following DOJ Uvalde Report

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Calling For Texas DPS Director, Steve McCraw To Make Good On Resignation Promise After Department Of Justice UVALDE Report


In the months after an 18-year-old armed with an AR-15 killed 19 youngsters and two teachers at a school in Uvalde, Texas, the state’s top cop pledged to resign if he or any of his officers were found to have “any culpability.”

Our National nonprofit dedicated to ending school violence and preventing shootings such as in Uvalde, is now calling for the immediate resignation of Steve McCraw. McCraw must keep his word promising a resignation should he or the DPS be found culpable in the shooting.

McCraw was quoted in October 2022 stating, "If DPS as an institution—as an institution—failed the families, failed the school or failed the community of Uvalde, then absolutely I need to go,” Steve McCraw said during a heated public safety meeting. “But I can tell you this right now: DPS as an institution, right now, did not fail the community—plain and simple.”

A recent DOJ, "Critical Incident Review Active Shooter at Robb Elementary School," report details, “cascading failures” by DPS surrounding the May 24, 2022, shooting at Robb Elementary School, further making it clear that the mistakes made not just by the town or school police, but all the police on scene—including the DPS—led to the tragic deaths of 19 children and two staff members. (See Foundation Response Below)


Foundation Releases Statement Following Uvalde Report By DOJ Further Confirming Failures In Uvalde By Law Enforcement:

18 January 2024 (TEXAS/CALIFORNIA)


In a brief response to the recent release of the Department of Justice report detailing the failed levels of response from Law enforcement during & after the May 2022 Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed in response to that shooting, released the following statement from its National board in Texas:

"We are not overly impressed or moved with the details outlined within the report. The information provided by the DOJ, following over a year long investigation, only confirms what so many devastated families & the community already knew - Law enforcement failed on all levels. And, yet no real accountability has come for this failed response to present, based on what was known and confirmed time and time again.. A 500 plus page report only confirmed the facts again.

What is done, however, with the little bit of valued information provided within these reports, particularly ensuring law enforcement clearly is trained across the nation in proper understanding of protocols differentiating law enforcement response procedures, between an "Active Shooter," & a, "Barricaded Suspect," is what is important.

Frankly, We should have learned that at Columbine... How many failed responses, how many pages of information, how many reports must we produce to get this right???

Further, dissecting what we already know from that day is a waste of time. Perhaps to some families the report brings renewed comfort & answers pertaining to that day. For that we are grateful. However - To us it does not.

Now is the time for accountability on a number of levels. Ciminal charges & prosecution for those who willingly stood back for over an hour while children were murdered is a good start."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

877 780 8527



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