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Teen Texas International, 2023 Joins The Uvalde Foundation For Kids National Antibullying Campaign

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending school violence & enriching student lives; announces new partnership with Miss Teen Texas International 2023, Emily Meadows.



Emily Meadows is 18 years old and is currently a sophomore in college pursuing a degree in Nursing. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and a board member of the Global Chamber-San Antonio Young Global Leaders Committee.

Additionally, Emily holds the local Pageant title for Miss Teen San Antonio International 2023, and on March 5, 2023, she won and was crowned, Miss Teen Texas International.

More To Come On This Amazing Young Lady; Including Ways You May Join Emily & The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Fight AGAINST Bullying.

Here Is A Note From Emily:

" I was a victim of school Bullying. During that difficult time, I was made to feel “less than”, inferior, ugly, and ridiculed about my looks, my clothes, and my dimples. I was teased and taunted and all of my self-worth was stripped away. Their perception of me became my reality and their unkind words were the reflections I saw in my mirror. I healed, grew from that experience, and was very fortunate to find my “greatest” within me again, The light inside of me started to shine bright and I fell in love with all my imperfections because that is what made “ME” me.

I was able to turn my victimization into a positive process of healing and growing. I wanted to help others by spreading Bullying Awareness, Prevention, Encouragement, and leading by example. Dreams often fade away without the encouragement and support of others and I want to be the voice of, “Dreams can come true by overcoming obstacles we all may face."

In addition To Emily's sponsorship and work with The Uvalde Foundation For Kids HAPPY HOPE, National ANTIBULLYING CAMPAIGN, Emily has started the "Stop Bullying Promise" Campaign. She works with schools and organizations helping people understand they are not alone and that together we can bring Stand up, Speak up, Show Strength, and Support.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Proud & Honored To Have This Young Lady Represent Our Youth & Call To End Bullying. Equally, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Honored To Support Her In Turn As Together We Work For our Youth & Students Everywhere!

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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