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Shooting At Uvalde Foundation For Kids Central Texas Chapter

Updated: Feb 29

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Update on Temple, TX Shooting Outside Foundation Chapter Sunday, February 25th


An Arrest Has Been Made In The Shooting..

All Foundation Staff & Volunteers Have Been Accounted For & Are Safe. One Volunteer Suffered Minor Injuries From A Fall, During The Chaos Of The Incident, But Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery.

While, obviously an initial concern, we now know that this was not a shooting directed at the foundation or any of its team members/volunteers but the result of an outside conflict which escalated onto foundation property.

Thank you to those who have reached out to the foundation during this time. Our work will continue, undeterred & with even more commitment to end the violence which this week, sadly, came to our foundation's own doorsteps.



The Uvalde Foundation For Kids nonprofit, formed in response to the Robb Elementary School shooting is now itself the site of a shooting. Foundation officials released early Sunday morning, that multiple gun shots were shots fired outside its Temple, Texas Office.

Police Are On Scene.


Full Story Coverage WTX


Officials say the scene is still an active scene. Several volunteers with the foundation were involved, although, thankfully at this time, no injuries are immediately reported.

More information & an official statement from the foundation, to be released.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

877 780 8527



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