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Ohio Student Credited By National Nonprofit For Stopping High School Shooting

“This student who helped extinguish a possible threat to fellow students, represents the reality of how the climate of violence plaguing our nations schools & threatening student lives can come to an end - Not through gun control or more safety planning meetings; but rather through alert, caring students such as this who refuse to stand by when a potential threat exists.”

Daniel Chapin

(Founder of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids)

“As we saw, many people walked into that bathroom and probably saw that bullet but this one student was brave enough to do that and that’s that hero idea,” Uvalde Foundation For Kids board member, Rebecca Engle said. “You know he could’ve totally walked past that and we could’ve had that tragedy happen but he stopped it and he stopped it before it could happen and that’s what we want to recognize.”

Full Story Here Out Of Cleveland, Ohio:

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

8888 685 8464



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