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New Jersey School Attorneys Request National NonProfit To Halt Protests


Wednesday; 3 May 2023 9am


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids released Wednesday morning, that following a request from Attorneys With The "Parker McCay," Law Group; currently representing the Mount Holly School Board & Mt Holly Township School District in New Jersey; it has agreed to postpone its planned May 15th protest at FW HOLBEIN MIDDLE SCHOOL.

The national nonprofit foundation has been investigating the alleged, bullying related suicide of student, Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez & ongoing incidents at the school involving other students.

The student reported ongoing bullying at her school prior to her death which foundation officials charge the school and district of failing to properly address.

The foundation noted that, "In the interest of collaboration & to allow current students at the school the ability to complete their upcoming NJSLA testing, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids has agreed to work with the school and postpone its planned protest."

The Foundation noted in its release that it has been interviewing parents and students along with concerned school community members; surrounding what it says have been ongoing issues of bullying and increased violence at the middle school.

Foundation officials also announced that their independent review of the school continues and that it has accepted an invitation to a public forum on the issues, June 21st 2023.

More information:

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464

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