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National Student Advocacy Group Closes Indiana Bullying Review

Nonprofit Closes Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation independent bullying review after Indiana students suicide death: The foundation noted in a release Saturday morning, that its review & reports have revealed inconsistent witnesses & bullying claims against the district. Additionally, foundation officials say, "District shows disorganization and lack of clarity on its bullying protocols but NOT ill intent nor blatant disregard in the most recent case."


Foundation officials noted that findings from their announced review illustrated various inconsistent reports on the students bullying incidents and that little evidence in the regard was recorded by either parties in the case. Additional reports of other students being bullied at the school, allegedly with no response from school officials, have been found unwarranted or unsubstantiated. Several individuals claiming bullying at the school, more recently, failed to follow through with the foundation review & established district reporting protocols; while other review results uncovered that the school acted in good faith, while at times disorganized & with a "lack of empathy," in its responses to the most recent case.

Founder Daniel Chapin noted, "Our foundation believes ultimately that everyone failed this student. We cannot, however, determine true culpability on the part of the district in this case. While we continue to share in the grief & hope for healing for the family & community affected, we cannot in good faith hold a district responsible given the circumstances and results.

It is imperative that families understand that the link between youth suicide and bullying exists, yet other mitigating factors in this case exhibit far more additional contributing factors outside the schools authority and reach. We trust the district will, however, further review its bullying policies, but also it's empathy in relation to how they deal in the future, legally & morally with such sensitive issues & that healing will come for all involved."


Foundation officials announced in Saturday's release that it will be canceling its planned open forum and protest against the district, originally slated for Monday, July 1st 2024.

The foundation additionally notes that per family request, it is ceasing any of its national bullying prevention programming changes and that any foundation references originally granted it to honor the late student. Officials also noted that in no manner does its opinions on the case or any other related case, do not reflect those of involved directly or indirectly family members unless specifically named. Due to this aforementioned request, all likeness, images and naming of the student has been omitted from current and future foundational materials, communications, etc. Reposts of past materials, news publications, press releases, images, etc, are not within the foundations control.

This will remain in the future.

Our work continues on..


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