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National Nonviolence Nonprofit Responds To Massachusetts High School Request For National Guard

National Nonprofit Formed After Uvalde Shooting Responds To Massachusetts High School Request For National Guard Support


Members of the Brockton School Committee in Brockton, Massachusetts have called, unsuccessfully, on the city’s mayor to ask Gov. Maura Healey for National Guard support amid safety concerns at Brockton high school, “to assist in restoring order, ensuring the safety of all individuals on the school premises, and implementing measures to address the root causes of the issues we are facing."

 The national nonprofit, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed following the Robb Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas, announced in a release that it is now offering a variety of school safety support & training resources to both the school & district; as well as responding with its National STOPNOW School Community Citizen Patrol Teams, set to begin patrolling the Brockton campus neighborhoods this week.




From its Dallas, Texas headquarters, foundation officials say they have immediately begun the recruitment for additional community patrol members to help perform daily patrols for the high school community.

The planned neighborhood patrol teams traditionally do not enter school or district properties as they are separate from district operations, do not collaborate or represent school districts and as such, do not require school district permissions. However, foundation team director, James Earle, hopes that, given the dire need the district will be, "open for collaboration on the projected safety measures."

The foundation's founder, Daniel Chapin, noted in Tuesday's release, "It is a sad state of affairs in this nation when a school has to call upon the National Guard, to protect its students. We have a better solution & it starts with a community of citizens, moms, Dad's, neighbors & students themselves who decide to take action to protect their own son's and daughters.

STOPNOW Patrols, modeled after the "Guardian Angels," anti crime unit in NYC in the 1980's, patrol school perimeters to minimize & prevent safety incidents from reaching school campuses; while also providing extra encouragement and support for students and neighborhoods.

The nonprofit also noted in the release that the school patrols are part of an aggressive nationwide grassroots effort by the foundation to prevent violence from coming onto & disrupting school campuses and endangering student lives; while also serving as an added level of security presence and student support in the immediate off campus neighborhoods. 


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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