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National Nonprofit Ends Nashville Search For Missing Student As United Cajun Navy Takes Over Efforts

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending school violence, formed after the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas announced Wednesday morning, March 20th 2024 that it is ending its efforts to aide in the current search for 22 year old, Riley Strain after he was reported missing while on a fraternity trip in downtown Nashville.


In the recent release, the foundation noted that it will continue it's calls for a criminal investigation into the case of the missing student & now that more coordinated, long-term teams are in place through the "Cajun Navy," its volunteers will turn search coordinations & efforts over.

Officials stated that several of their volunteers, including local members aided in the search, some coming from as far as California & were focusing on the downtown Nashville area in a ground grid search, as they did not believe current searches along the Cumberland River will produce results. Foundation volunteers were also deployed from the Nashville chapter of the STOPNOW citizen school patrols, active in several Nashville communities, including the Covenant School in Nashville.

Officials from the foundation further stated that volunteers spent several days handing out fliers of Riley in addition to their downtown ground search and are now ending their role in the search efforts as there has now been collective response efforts coordinated with the family & the nonprofit organization, "The United Cajun Navy" to continue the search.

The United Cajun Navy is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization formed during Hurricane Katrina. UCN Director of Operations David Flagg says search efforts for Strain on the Cumberland River will be bolstered beginning Tuesday or Wednesday. Organizers are asking any individuals who may be searching on their own to join the umbrella of the UCN search.

If you see Riley or have any information about where he may be, you are asked to call the Metro Nashville Police Department at



The Foundation is asking potential ongoing search volunteers to contact The United Cajun Navy @


More Information: Jennifer West

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

877 780 8527



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