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National Nonprofit Adds To Efforts To Locate Teen - Vows To Protect Searchers

Updated: Apr 17


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids


From Our Founder, Daniel Chapin: "While this case remains a bit outside of the "scope," of our general mission - This young man, Sebastian, & his plight, has captured our hearts & attention. For we are also mothers & fathers. As suc theh, we cannot turn a deaf ear. Sebastian should be in school and with friends. Answers will be found. We will do our part..."

Updated Statement 17 April 2024:

"Our foundation has been contacted by hundreds of individuals via messages and emails concerning Sebastian Rogers, our efforts to locate him & our recent release in this regard. While we are not law enforcement nor are associated with their investigations, our stance on potential culpability remains & the foundation's work, focused on finding Sebastian continues.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any further details at this time so as not to compromise law enforcements & now an additional private progressing investigation. Details aside, we are attempting to respond as promptly as able to individual emails with general information or other foundation projects. We will not entertain communications with independent investigators outside law enforcement nor conspiracy theorists.

A young man's life is in question here & the agenda should be that collective focus. We are confident that answers will be provided in the near future."


Updated April 3, 2024

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids nonprofit, out of Texas, who this laat week had sent several volunteers from its STOPNOW Security Patrol Teams to protect & aide searchers seeking missing 15 year old, Sebastian Rogers, after reports of threats against them were made; noted in a Wednesday evening release that it does not see a threat to searchers and that previous threats made as previously indicated by the United Cajun Navy were deemed non credible by the foundation.  

Officials with the foundation noted as well that they are pulling volunteers from the Nashville search immediately to redirect search support with volunteers in Juneau, Alaska.

Officials are not able to elaborate at the time of the release, but do not believe Sebastian to be in the area currently being focused on. The foundation says it's Nashville patrol members sent to help with the search in Tennessee, will return to school patrols as originally assigned. 


Original Release: March 30, 2024:

As the United Cajun Navy calls off the search this weekend for missing 15 year old, Sebastian Rogers, after receiving death threats online and in-person; the national Nonprofit, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids released out of Texas that they are preparing to send members of its security patrol teams out of Nashville and Dallas, Texas to protect search volunteers if necessary so that search efforts continue. Officials with the violence prevention group, formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School say that their volunteers are also prepared  to aide in search efforts.


Full Coverage Memphis 13 NEWS:


The foundation, who also aided earlier this month in the search for missing student, Riley Strain with their STOPNOW citizen patrol teams say that Rogers, who’s 15 years old and has autism, has been missing since Feb. 26.

In a statement included in Saturday's release, founder Daniel stated, "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is appalled that dedicated volunteers, searching to bring this young man home there, are being subjected to threats due to their efforts. This will not be tolerated. This will not stop the search. I have asked our National STOPNOW Safety Teams director to assemble a special team of 18 additional volunteers to aide in the search & if needed, protect those who are searching. Whoever is making these threats can call us. Our message is simple - We will not be deterred."

More Information: Jennifer West

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 206 9089



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