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Memphis School "Satanic Club," Sparks Student Safety Concerns By Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Satanic Club At Memphis Elementary School Sparks Protest & Student Safety Concerns By Uvalde Foundation For Kids


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed following the Robb Elementary School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas; announced in a Sunday morning release, it's plans for a January 3rd & January 10th 9am (CST) peaceful "sit in" protest at Chimney Rock Elementary School in Cordova, Tennessee.

The demonstration, with protestors coming from as far as Texas and California, is planned to protest a recent school district approved club at the elementary school library, Jan. 10th 2023, hosted by the Satanic Temple.

Foundation officials noted in the release, "While the foundation does not agree with the values and teachings of the Satanic Temple nor it's nationwide clubs in school campuses & while we question the influence it potentially has on our nation's students - We are primarily concerned with the club's presence at the school being a potential threat to student safety; by creating conflicts between students, community members & outside groups; disrupting students and the school community and potentially placing students in harms way."

Foundation officials say they have contacted the organization itself to request they cease their planned activities at the school and find another venue to hold their clubs.


To address potential ongoing student safety concerns should the club remain at the Cordova campus, foundation officials noted in Sunday's release, that they will also continue previously released plans to recruit & expand it's STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrol Teams for the Chimney Rock Elementary School community, beginning the week of January 10th 2023.

Similar foundation patrols remain ongoing throughout the state including for the Covenant School community in Nashville, TN.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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