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Kentucky Middle School Added To "NonViolent School Alliance Award," Recipients

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a National NonProfit dedicated to ending school violence & formed in response to the Robb Elementary School Shooting In May 2022, Announced the addition of Hazard Middle School, in Hazard, Kentucky to its national, "NonViolent School Alliance Award," recipients.

The Foundation Noted, "Hazard Middle School now joins a number of schools nominated for this national recognition for their ongoing efforts in preventing school violence & enriching student lives. Their positive SRO/student relations stands as an example for schools across the nation to follow, along with their proactive, ongoing, internal assesment of student safety & care."

The Foundations assessment as a part of a schools nomination and recognition, reviews a schools recorded number of violent school episodes or lockdowns, swatting episodes, etc., as well as an extensive community survey providing feedback on a school; are all part considerations for a schools nomination and award.

Video: Middle School Prioritizing School Safety

The Kentucky middle school was recognized for their proactivity in addressing school safety following the Michigan State University shooting, along with their positive SRO student relations. The middle school currently joins the following nominees and current recipients from around the country:

Southwestern HS (Selected)

Red Bluff HS (Selected)

Robb Elementary School (Selected)

CVPA HS (Selected)

The Foundation's, "NonViolent School Alliance Award," includes a financial stipend for the school ultimately selected for the award, for use toward a schools continuing nonviolence based student programming.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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