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Nonprofit Utilizes AI Technology To Send Bullying Message To Congress


1 July 2024



Student advocacy nonprofit formed following the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, in May 2022, announced Monday morning out of Texas, that in an attempt to raise enhanced federal attention & legislation to what it calls an "escalating school bullying & student suicide crisis," it will utilize AI technology to connect with Congressional lawmakers, urging a bipartisan "formal definition of bullying," and "aggressive addendums to current bullying protection laws nationwide."

Foundation national director, Daniel Chapin stated Monday that the AI Generated voice outreach to Congress, which will also feature stories of several students lost this year lost to bullying related suicide, is in addition to its ongoing programming & campaign to curb a dramatic increase in school bullying & student suicide nationwide.


The release noted that recently, following the Uvalde shooting, parents of half a dozen victims of gun violence used similar artificial intelligence (AI) to recreate their children’s voices in calls to Congress, urging lawmakers to change the country’s gun laws as part of a new campaign launched on the sixth anniversary of the Parkland, Fla., shooting

Chapin said the same technology & focus, using AI technology will hopefully have an equal, powerful effect on keeping the daunting fight against bullying and related student suicide alive in Congress: "The voices of those lost to bullying related student suicide nationally will be related loud and clear to Congress until action is taken to both define bullying on a federal level and increase federal laws to address and protect students nationwide. It is easy to ignore a letter or even a petition.
A voice, a story, something far more real & relatable, is far harder to ignore. Today, as we continue to see the bullying & related student mental health crisis escalate in schools nationwide & more students lives lost to suicide as a result - Ignoring the issue is no longer an option..."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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