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ICYMI: Uvalde Foundation For Kids Says "Uvalde" Belongs To The Families Alone: Announces Name Change

Updated: Jul 8


Uvalde Foundation For Kids "Uvalde" Belongs To The Families Alone: Announces It Will Change Foundation Name/"Rebrand."


"That tragic day in Uvalde, Texas belongs to the families alone. As a 501c3 nonprofit, formed in response to that tragic day, our foundation efforts have gone beyond Uvalde, nationwide. Our foundation has been dedicated to ensuring that those lost will not have been so in vain and further, that the daunting lessons hopefully learned from Uvalde, will unite with those from Columbine, Sandy Hook & sadly, countless others over the years; until the violence within and amongst our schools and students ends once and for all.

We have, however, heard the calls from those Uvalde families who suffered so much that day, requesting our foundation, replace our official name to reflect more of our work outside that tragedy and allow the Uvalde name as associated directly with the tragedy, to return to where it truly belongs - To the families & community forever changed by that day."

(Daniel Chapin, Founder)



2 July 2024


Student advocacy nonprofit formed following the Uvalde, Texas mass shooting at Robb Elementary School announced Tuesday morning out of Texas, that it will be "rebranding," officially changing its name, to be officially announced later this month.

The foundation noted that since it's inception following the Robb Elementary School shooting, the use of the "Uvalde," name has created some dissention amongst the foundation and some victims families, as its operations and location does not have a direct connection to the Uvalde shooting itself. Officials stated in the release that the foundations efforts have meant to honor Uvalde overall and keep the tragedy relevant nationwide toward effective change in school violence, nationwide.

However, to honor families requests and clarify its more national role, foundation officials revealed Tuesday, its upcoming rebranding, including an official name change to be decided upon and announced officially later this month.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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