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ICYMI: Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To NNPS Rejection Of HERO TEACHER, Abby Zwerner Lawsuit

National NonProfit, Who Collaborated With Virginia School District Following The Shooting Of Teacher, Abby Zwerner, Reverses Stance, Pulls Support.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization, formed in response to the Uvalde, Texas mass school shooting at Robb Elementary School; released a public statement, Thursday morning, from its Dallas, TX headquarters, criticizing Newport News Public Schools for its recent response rejecting teacher, Abby Zwerners $40 million dollar lawsuit claim against the district; suggesting it was a worker's compensation claim.

NNPS recently, further stated in response to Zwerner's claim that she could reasonably expect to return to work with young children who pose no danger, "While in an ideal world, young children would not pose any danger to others, including their teachers, this is sadly not reality."

The NonProfit Founder, Daniel Chapin, released in a public statement; that the foundation no longer will support or collaborate with NNPS in the future, until there is a, "Significant Change In Leadersip."

The foundation, who also granted Zwerner with the inaugural NATIONAL HERO TEACHER AWARD, noted it has become increasingly wary of the lack of accountability and NNPS recent attempts to redirect & belittle the rightful claims & experience of a teacher they initially lauded.

Chapin referred to personal conversations with school representative, Michele Mitchell.

The Foundation created public rifts, further challenging the schools overall response to Zwerner; when it recently pulled oversight of the HERO AWARD from NNPS, transferring it to Zwerner's Attorneys.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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Foundation Collaborates With NNPS Following School Shooting:



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