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"Hardening" Our Classrooms

As The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Works With Schools To PREVENT Violence, We Recognize The Need To Create & Oftentimes RECREATE Safer, More Secure, School Environments. This Might Include Structural Changes Such As The Installation Of Metal Detectors Or Other Security Devices.

Our Foundation Often Refers To These Security Measures As, "Hardening The Classroom." In Evaluating The Quality Of A Schools Safety Setup, Creating A Safer Environments For Students, Requires School Renovations To Student Classrooms, Entrances or Cafeteria Areas.

Richneck Elementary School In Newport News, Site of the January 2023 School Shooting Of Teacher, Abby Zwerner In Virginia, Is A Perfect Example Of Classroom Setups , which could Surely Use Some Upgrade Reconsideration In That Area.

They have currently what Is referred to as, "the open classroom design." The classroom format became popular in the United States in the 1970s and often included open learning spaces without doors or walls.

These spaces alone can create issues of school security in the event of an active shooter, for example...

Find Out More About Our School Safety Training On Our Website Or By Calling 888 685 8464. Email:

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