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Founding Board Member Of National Nonprofit To Speak At San Antonio, Texas Women's Conference

Founding Board Member Of National Nonprofit To Speak In San Antonio, Texas 'Finding Your Inner Beauty,' Women's Conference



"Not only is Rebecca a valued member of our foundation team," she is truly establishing herself as a powerful leading force in the community for students, and education on mental health care for students. Yet, Rebecca adds to her repotoir as a successful entrepreneur & business woman."


Some Thoughts From Rebecca As Recently Presented To The New Jersey State Board Of Education Special Session On Bullying Prevention:

Bullying prevention is a crucial aspect of creating safe and nurturing school environments. To increase effectiveness in this area, schools can implement comprehensive anti-bullying programs that focus on education, awareness, and intervention. This is as simple as creating peer support mentoring and conflict resolution skills. By fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and open communication among students, staff, and parents, schools can play an essential role in reducing bullying incidents and promoting a positive school climate.

As an educator, it is important to implement anti-bullying values into your classroom and lessons to encourage a classroom community. Implementing activities that educate students about forms of bullying and its consequences is key to a safe and healthy school environment."
(Rebecca Engle)

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