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Foundation National Director Puts School Districts On Notice Across The Nation

If A School District Hears From Us, It Will Be For One Of Two Reasons - To Encourage & Support Efforts To End Violence Against Our Nation's Students OR To Challenge A Failure To Do So.. (Daniel Chapin, Founder)

It was noted, quite correctly recently, by school officials in St Paul, Minnesota; who join many districts across the nation struggling with school violence on their campuses; that The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has communicated with various schools across the nation expressing similar school violence concerns, as were most recently made public & addressed by the Foundation to SPPS officials.

Attempts by the SPPS to redirect primary focus off the issue at hand - Student Lives; has only confirmed that they are aware of the reach the foundation has as publicly available on our website and, further, that they join a struggling community of schools whereby our Foundation has had to communicate quite similar challenges to.

Sadly indeed, SPPS joins a fraternity of schools & individuals reeling from seemingly common themes of violence, including school shootings, stabbings, violent behavioral issues among students, even staff complacency or failed student safety & welfare resources on campuses nationwide.

Our Foundation wishes this were not the case. HOWEVER - So long as it is, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids continues its aggressive national campaign to supporting those school institutions across the nation keeping our students safe & enriching their lives & holding those school institutions accountable, that fail in that purpose.

As part of our national campaign, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids continues to connect with schools across the nation facing school violence in varying levels. We have been able to encourage some. We have had to challenge others. We will continue doing both.

We Say - Stop Now To School Violence!

Join Us.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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