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Former Uvalde, Texas School Police Chief Arrested For Child Endangerment: Foundation Responds

Breaking NEWS: Uvalde, Texas:


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids has learned that the former school district police chief in Uvalde, Texas, is in CUSTODY on a child endangerment charge after the law enforcement response to a 2022 elementary school shooting that left 21 people dead, including 19 children, according to Uvalde jail officials Thursday afternoon.

Pete Arredondo, 52, was brought in by law enforcement officers and is accused of abandoning and endangering a child individual, the jail said.


Video Story NBC DALLAS:


Statement from Uvalde Foundation For kids founder, Daniel Chapin:

"Since that tragic day in May 2022, our foundation has called for accountability due to the abject failure of law enforcement both in their legal and moral duties. We have fasted, we have cried, we have anguished, we have pleaded. Perhaps now, we can have a bit more hope. The recent move suggests a step in the right direction toward that effect & at minimum sends a strong message to Uvalde Police Department & law enforcement departments nationwide, that if you fail our students, you will be held accountable.
Our foundation, regardless of the ultimate outcome in the case, does not rely on such to create the necessary change needed to protect our students in Uvalde or otherwise in the future. It will take a combined commitment of the legal system, educators, mental health experts, mothers, fathers & students themselves; beyond legal motions or stricter gun laws to prevent another Uvalde. It is about changing the culture of violence in America before a weapon is ever picked up or fist is clenched..
We can only collectively hope that true justice will be found complete with an actual prosecution of Arredondo. Those who lost their lives that day and the future of Uvalde's children deserve that much."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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