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Dr Malober Talks CIRT (A Preview)

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Ever Wonder How The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds To School Violence On Campuses Across The Nation? A Special BLOG Presented March 16, 2023 & Written By Our Very Own, Dr Mark Malober; Will Provide Insight Into The Foundation's 24 Hour, "Critical Incident Response Team."

In This Inside Look Into The Foundation's Unique Response System, Dr. Malober Addresses Questions Such As: How Does The Foundation Decide Which Incident Or School To Assist? What Is The "Vetting" Process? What Type Of Incidents Does The Fondation Respond To? Why Does It Take A Response "Team?" How Does The Foundation Operate Response Both Locally & Across State Lines? What Type Of Response Resources Does The Foundation Provide To Students & Schools Following Incidents & More!

SNEAK PREVIEW: "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Has A Unique System Of Response. A Notice Comes In & A Whole Team Initially Review The Circumstances, Determine Priority & Resource Availability & Proceed Accordingly From There. HOWEVER, You Can Be Certain, Regardless Of The Extent Of The Foundations Response - We Will Be There..."

(Dr. Mark Malober)

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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