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Change The Script On School Shooting Manifestos

It’s a long-standing tradition of U.S. law enforcement to release the manifesto of a school mass shooter when it is recovered by authorities — typically within 48 hours of tragedy..The celebrity status these manifestos garner, the blueprint for future potential threats to our nations students & school communities they allow & the reenacted trauma they inflict on families and those left behind in the wake of school shootings & other violent acts against students; are traditionaly released under the guise of, "necessary information for violence prevention."

That tradition has not proven effective in saving student lives. Sadly, manifesto releases over the years have encouraged increased copycat actions & more trauma; further contributing to this long standing culture of violence in America; now as commonplace in our nation's classrooms, as textbooks. Let's Change The Script..."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 493 3725 OR 888 685 8464 (1Sept)



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