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Can NEW JERSEY Schools Be Held Liable For A Student's Suicide Death Influenced By Bullying?

Can NEW JERSEY Schools Be Held Liable For A Student's Suicide Death Influenced By Bullying? The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Responds...


"Inadequate responses by school districts open them up to legal liability under Title IX. The Deliberate Indifference Standard under the title requires that schools, “must respond promptly in a manner that is not deliberately indifferent… in light of the known circumstances."

A school’s mandatory response under the Title IX regulations requires that the school, at minimum, to: (1) discuss offered supportive measures with the alleged victim, regardless of whether a formal complaint has been filed; and (2) follow a proper grievance process before the imposition of disciplinary sanctions on the alleged respondent.

School districts must also under the directive, take proper action against student-on-student bullying, and to do so, school districts throughout the country must seriously take a second look at their implemented policies and make continual, renewed commitments to protecting both the rights, lives, and well-being of their students.

Additionally, Under Title IX, after an incident takes place, school administrators are required to have procedures in place to support both victims and respondents to prevent further incidents of harassment. School district administrators must obey policies that require immediate action and investigation upon receipt or notice of a complaint of harassment or bullying.

What’s more, school administrators must be designated as, "mandatory reporters," that must report any incident to the school’s Title IX office immediately as soon as they become aware of any incident of bullying. Additionally, we advise school districts to implement an outside compliance panel to oversee both the implementation of new policies as well as the application of said policies. Merely having the right policies in place is not enough — the policies must be followed."

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