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California Students Leading The Way In School Violence Prevention Technology To Receive Honors

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is honoring a Santa Clara High School student with a National Student Hero Award For What It Calls, “Creative Innovation & Dedication To Ending School Violence.”

Santa Clara High School junior Caitlin Nguyen, along with students from Mission San Jose High School, Gunderson High School and Monta Vista High School collectively; started brainstorming ways to decrease police response time and increase the information shared with students, teachers, parents and school staff who are under attack.

“Our foundation continues to be in awe of students from around the nation such as these who continue to set the bar for our society to follow in the ever growing challenge in preventing and responding to the violence plaguing our nation’s classrooms,” stated Daniel Chapin, founder of the non-profit Uvalde Foundation For Kids, dedicated to ending School Violence.

The Students Designed SIREN, a 3-by-6-inch device that screws onto ceilings like a smoke Detector, equipped with a microphone and a computer program trained to identify gunshots and with multiple devices located across a school, it can pinpoint exactly where a shot is coming from. Within five seconds, SIREN can send a map of the school — and the location of the shot — through an SMS message to all students, teachers, staff and the local police department.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids was formed In response to the Robb Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



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