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An Open Letter To Uvalde Families...

An Open Letter To Those Families Who Lost So Much Following The Robb Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas


Following a recent generous donation provided our foundation, from a family member of one of the 19 children & 2 adults lost that tragic day in Uvalde, Texas; now well over a year ago - Our founder, Daniel "Bodhi" Chapin, forwarded a personal note of individual thanks & as an expression of our foundations ongoing commitment to honor those lost that day & prevent another Uvalde, Texas from EVER HAPPENNING AGAIN!

With permission we have included excerpts from this letter below; both as a sort of open letter to all the families who lost their loved ones that day, to remind them that there are those such as our foundation, who remember & to illustrate once again, the heartbeat which birthed our work then & propels our mission forward, into tomorrow...

Out of respect & for confidentiality purposes, names have been omitted.... Peace...


"I wished to personally take a moment this morning to reach immediately out to you in thanks for your recent donation to our foundation's work to end school violence; both here in Texas & across the nation. Your support of our efforts has truly been an encouragement; particularly as it is presented in honor of your lost, loved one.

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas & the pain suffered by your community & family; belongs to you alone. None of us outside of that experience can completely understand the sense of loss & emotions resulting. But we can & must certainly try. Moreso, we can certainly do our part to ensure an end to violence in the future. I have always believed that humanity need not fully "understand," another person, or culture or belief system, as a prerequisite to showing compassion & taking action to create a better world for our children.

Nevertheless, sadly, even students at Robb Elementary School that day who thankfully were not injured or killed; still add to the over 331,000 other students, from across the nation; who have experienced school gun violence since Columbine High School, in Colorado - as of 2022.

Immediately following the tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, our foundation held a walk for each of the victims lost that day, including this young hero. We have held another remembrance walk on the 1 year anniversary & we will continue to do so every year our doors remain open.

Incidentally, donated funds raised from that opening walk fundraiser, came from all over Texas & the nation & we were honored to present those funds to aide all devastated families, during those early days, through "VictimsFirst," organization; dedicated to helping victims of mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and other mass casualty crimes.

Since those early days, our foundation has taken the lessons, the pain & yes, even the hope birthed out of that tragic day & brought it to a nation who so desperately need it. Since the shooting in Uvalde, our foundation has honored students for speaking out against violence. Heroes have been recognized for saving the lives of our youth & efforts, nationwide, have been made to make our classrooms, our schools & communities safer.

You see, our foundation believes that just as educators seek to empower students in classrooms across the nation to bring their knowledge into the world for good - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids seeks to bring the lessons learned in the halls of Robb Elementary School & others to school communities across the nation & end school violence - BEFORE it happens.

We couldn't save your loved one..

We can & do commit to saving others...

Formed in response to the senseless tragedy that took away the precious lives that day, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids has worked tirelessly since that senseless shooting, to prevent the ongoing gun violence taking away far too many of our children & our students, nationwide.

Since our inception, the basic tenet behind our work has been to honor the memory & the lives of all those lost that day & to ensure students across this nation have the opportunity to learn & grow, free from violence. We will continue to hold that tenet high and press forward; beyond,"thoughts and prayers."

Individually and collectively on behalf of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, we continue to wish you and yours health, healing & always, peace ...,"

(Daniel Chapin

Founder, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids)


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

877 780 8527



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