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An Introduction To School, "Threat Assesment Teams"

The primary idea behind a school threat assessment team is that it offers a multi-level school threat assessment; as part of a complete school safety program. Teams should include a diverse, professional & compassionate management team. Team members should also come from an array of disciplines & roles both within the immediate school setting & from outside resources.

As a part of its programming, The Uvalde Founation For Kids assesses & develops threat assesment teams with schools; with the primary purpose of these teams being PREVENTION NOT REACTION.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids encourages maintaining a student team memberor student representative; further enhancing the overall team’s ability to effectively & sustainably:

- Identify developing concerns/threats

(R.I.P. - Recognize/Intervene/Prevent)

- Gather information from multiple sources.

- Maximize skills and resources to address concerns.

- Monitor outcomes & develop ongoing improvements.

- Enhances the district’s/school’s overall ability to: Communicate (to, from, and within the team).

  • Collaborate (working together for the best awareness and outcomes).

  • Coordinate (engaging in purposeful planning and coordination of actions and interventions within the team and with outside partners).

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids maintains that when assesment teams critically consider factors such as the overall school culture, situational awareness, etc., truly effective teams can meet the challenge their daunting role dictates in preventing school violence & keeping students safe.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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