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Addressing School Gun Violence As A "Health Crisis"

Addressing School Violence As A "Health Crisis."


When we reached the peak of motor vehicle crash deaths in the mid-1950s, the approach that we took to solving that problem was to broaden our thinking.

We went beyond, “This is a crash event that a single driver is responsible for,” to thinking about, “What are all the different aspects of the issue that are causing this and how do we address solutions that are focused on each aspect of the issue?"

We made roads safer. We changed the way cars are built to make them safer. We changed driver behavior, especially around drinking, and driving and speeding and wearing seat belts. We improved how we responded to crashes when they happen, so that we have a robust EMS system and trauma system that can rapidly take somebody and get them to the hospital to receive medical care. We reduced motor crash injury by over 70 percent over the past 50 years. We haven't taken that same approach with firearms... (Patrick Carter)

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