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11 Years Later: The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Reflects On The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

11 Years Later: The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Reflects On The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting


Dallas, Texas - 11 years ago today just after 930am (est) in the quiet town of Newton, Connecticut, a tragedy began to unfold at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


On what should have been another day filled with Christmas time celebrations, laughter, reflection and joy; instead found this precious school & community reeling as 20 students & 6 adults were fatally shot, and 2 others injured, as Adam Lanza embarked on a senseless shooting rampage before taking his own life.

That day will forever echo through the streets of Newton & throughout this nation as one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. The strength, the heroes & the renewed dedication to end the senseless violence against our nation's students born that day; has indeed propelled this nation's resolve and progress forward since.


Sadly, however, as a nation, honoring the legacy & fervour born out of Sandy Hook has been splintered; as we have watched since then, as other students across this nation, in classrooms large and small, continue to lose their lives to gun violence..

Yes, We reflect today, we remember those lost... Yet, we understand that our reflections alone; much like the memories of those lost at Newton, and the lives of those lost since - could fill hundreds of graveyards.. Reflection is just a beginning...
We reflect today, yet it must be a reflection which reignites a rededication in America to this mission of saving our kids lives and give them back their futures -free of gun violence.

Today at 930 (CST/Texas) & at 730 (PST/California) at both our primary Foundation locations along with our chapter locations throughout the nation; The Uvalde Foundation For Kids remembered those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Our foundation sites, including all our social media platforms; went, "Dark," for 26 minutes and we reflected. Volunteers & team members from across the nation took time to reflect in their own way. Newton colors of white and green will proudly highlight our offices for a 26 hour period to honor each of those lost that day, 11 years ago.

We must reflect and pray, yes... Then we must get off our knees and continue to march forward in this mission. That alone honors those lost at Newton."

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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