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National STOP NOW Volunteer School Patrol Teams 

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids cares for every member of our community especially our students. STOP NOW IS A DEDICATED TEAM OF ROAMING VOLUNTEERS WHO PATROL ON AND NEARBY OFF CAMPUS AREAS TO HELP IDENTIFY & Communicate Potentials For School violence..

STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrol Teams; throughout the nation are dedicated to stopping potential violence from ever reaching our schools & students. This Nationwide effort additionally provided an encouraging presence for school communities.

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AntiViolence Program Development - Student Enrichment Programs - At Risk Interventions

What Is Violence? It is far More than you may think. Preventing School Violence must begin with an understanding of the many forms of violence and how it is manifest amongst our students unique culture and communities.

This Unique training program is geared toward empowering students to recognize Violence and how, through their own actions can impact their school communities positively for peace and take back the classrooms across this nation for LEARNING...


Our Unique PERFORMING ARTS Enrichment Programs & National Performance Teams

Through Our Performance & Creative Arts Program, Students Use Outlets Such as Acting, Dance & Art To Empower Self expression & creativity further empowering school communities to understand and take true action against violence, through powerful, dramatic presentations. To their schools and school communities


"HAPPY HOPE" Antibullying Program

The "Happy Hope," Antibullying Program, is named in honor of Felicia LoAlbo-Melendez, a New Jersey student who took her own life after enduring ongoing bullying at her middle school.

From Learning About The Many Forms of bullying and its impact on students lives, inside & outside of the classroom; to peer support teams in schools motivated to create an all inclusive school environment, "Happy Hope," is designed to engage students themselves in educating students about the dangers of & prevention against another form of Violence - Bullying.


SPEAKERS Network For School Assemblies Or Professional Lectures 

Our National Network Of Motivational Speakers Available For Lectures/Presentations/School Assemblies. 
Peer/Student & Professional Lecturers.

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Annual Student SCHOLARSHIP Awards

Our Student Hero Grant Scholarships are designed to Empower and encourage Deserving students who have overcome extreme violent circumstances to serve as examples to their schools & communities.

Funds granted through this grant are designated for a student's future academic studies & pursuits.

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24 Hour Peer Support & Crisis Intervention Line


R.I.P. Training Program For Schools, Students & Communities

Recognize - Intervene - Prevent
Seeking to enable stronger on and off site school security measures to protect students; we have developed our, 'RECOGNIZE, INTERVENE & PREVENT," school safety training program. With A Primary Focus On PREVENTION as opposed to REACTION, This unique program empowers educators & students alike.

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The Uvalde Foundation Announces Its Dedicated Team of Volunteers, From Across the Nation; Including Students, Parents, Teachers & Professionals Who, Along With Law Enforcement, Monitor The World Wide Web/Internet, Including Social Media Accounts For Any Potential Threats of Violence Against Our Students! 

These Are Many Of the Same Volunteers Who Run Our 24 Hour AntiViolence & Bullying Intervention Line!

REPORT Online Threats IMMEDIATELY TO Your Local POLICE Departments!
Email Information ANONYMOUSLY HERE:
OR CALL 24 HOURS 888 685 8464 


Emergency Aide Grants 

Available To Allow Financial Relief During A Critical Incident Recovery Period. Grants Are SOLELY DESIGNATED For School Violence Victims & Directly Impacted Communities.


Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors Are The "Faces," & True Representatives of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids! They Are Pillars in their school communities & are intrinsically involved in promoting our programs within their schools & amongst their peers. 

Programs: Programs
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