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Yes, AMERICA, There is A Santa Claus...

"Yes, America - There Is A Santa Claus,"

(Subway Thoughts At Christmas Time)

NYC Ambassador Team Leader

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids...


"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" is a line from an editorial by Francis Pharcellus Church called "Is There a Santa Claus?" which appeared in The Sun on September 21, 1897, and became one of the most famous editorials ever published. Written in response to a letter by eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon asking whether Santa Claus was real, the editorial was initially published anonymously, and Church's authorship was not disclosed until his 1906 death. The Sun gradually accepted its popularity and republished it during the Christmas season every year from 1924 to 1950, when the paper ceased publication.

The Story Gave A Young Girl, Wrought With Fear - Hope. Hope That There Is More To this world than despair and doubt. Hope that only, well, Santa Claus himself can bring. You remember, don't you?

I thought I would share a similar message of hope to so many of you out there, now in 2022, as we approach this Christmas Season; who are troubled. In the smoke of the violence that has taken so many of my fellow students lives this year in America, we all are asking what has happened in our world that keeps killing its children or more and more suffer violent, despaired lives?

I do not have the answers exactly. GOSH, I wish I did... BUT, I am here to any YES! YES, there is still hope and a future for students across America! Hope, found in small towns and cities across America. Hope from the Ashes of Uvalde To Seattle. HOPE in small acts, individual acts and organizational acts like through my Foundation!

I've seen Santa Claus in the faces of the kids who volunteer at our center as they hang up after helping another kid from across the country. I've seen Santa not just in our organization but in little acts of kindness by strangers on well, the Subway I'm writing this on & so many others Hope - That is what SANTA CLAUS IS! Hope that there is still a chance for PEACE! Hope that we will figure it out - Not through Politics & Laws & Legal Changes - But Changes of the heart! I SAY YES! Yes, Virginia - Yes, America, There Is Still A Santa Claus!"

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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