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Uvalde Foundation STOPNOW School Patrols Continue To Form To Protect Covenant School Community (TN)


4 August 2023 (Nashville/TN/National)


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids announced In a brief release update Friday afternoon, that it has been in email communications with administrators at the Covenant School In Nashville, Tennessee in regards to its planned STOPNOW school patrols being organized this week for students returning to classes; temporarily planned to be held at Brentwood Hills Church of Christ.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids announced it has received an overwhelming response from interested community members for its patrols.

The foundation noted in its latest release that after hearing from Covenant School Administrators & Planned Security Officials; it is confident in the on campus safety of students & does not wish to interfere with their well planned safety plans in place.

The foundation release noted that its team members, as designed, will not be patrolling on campus at the Covenant School, nor on the grounds of the Church grounds. However, Patrol plans WILL CONTINUE in perimeter and neighborhood patrols. The foundation noted that it will seek to have similar citywide patrols throughout Nashville schools by mid school year.

The foundation STOPNOW Patrols, modeled after the "Guardian Angels," anticrime community policing group organized in NYC in the 1980's, patrol school perimeters to prevent safety incidents from reaching school campuses; while also providing extra encouragement and support for returning students. Team volunteers undergo foundational training prior to the start of the academic year. Team members are cleared through background checks & are trained in situational awareness and basic intervention techniques...

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids also has a developing on campus patrol program in addition to its school neighborhood patrols.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 493 3725 OR 888 685 8464 (Sept 1)



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