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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Releases Pittsburgh Bureau Of Police & Partners Award Recipients

Uvalde Foundation For Kids Salutes Pittsburgh Bureau Of Police & Partners Following School Response

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids salutes the below individuals & law enforcement agencies for their integral role in saving student lives. In doing so, they have honored the role of their badge.. Moreso - these men & women serve as examples of true bravery & hope in a world so very desperate for it...

(Daniel Chapin, Founder)

Full Details


Fugitive Apprehension Unit (FAU)

Lucas Burdette

Jeff Brock

Matt Costabile

John Denis

Sheila Ladner

Sgt. Scott Lukitsch

Joe Novakowski

Anthony Seretti

Lt. Arthur Baker

Sgt. Rebecca Bassano


PBP Task Force Officers (TFO's)

Mike Lafferty (FBI TFO)

Sean Stumpf (ATF TFO)


PBP Zone 1

Craig Sulkowski

Alex Castanzo


PBP Zone 2

Larry Eyrolls

Ed Harris

Ed Hawthorne

Sgt. Christian Jonczak

Michael Olecki



Jonathan DuThinh


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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