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Uvalde Foundation For Kids Introduces NonViolence Radio

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Introducing NonViolence Radio WEEKLY BROADCASTS From The Metta Center For NonViolence In Petaluma, California


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Believes That In Order To Truly End School Violence, We Must Address Our Actions Toward Ending Violence Based On An Educated Understanding Of Violence Itself & The Many Ways It Manifests. 

Further, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Believes That We Can Only Sustainably & Effectively Do So When We Address School Violence As A Public Health & Cultural Crisis; With A Proactive Not Reactive Focus.

We May Be Encouraged, However, By The Reality That The Current Projection Of School Violence Can Be Reversed In This Nation; In Part When Our School Communities & Our Society As A Whole Begins To Collectively, Systematically & Educationally Understand Violence & Then Address The, "Culture of Violence; Before A Weapon Is Ever Picked Up Or Fist Is Clenched.

As We Engage In Ongoing, MultiLevel, Collaborations & A Study Of Violence; We Understand How It Has Historically & In Today's World, Increasingly Impacted Not Only Our Students But Our Nations Communities Overall. From Bullying To School Shootings, Violence In Our School Culture Is As Commonplace As The Books In School Libraries.

We Also Continue To Learn That Collectively, From Varying Platforms; We Can Create A Different Culture & Save Our Student's Future's & Ultimately Our Very Own.

To That Effect - The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Both Excited & Honored To Feature This Insightful & Powerful WEEKLY Podcast On NonViolence; From Our Friends At The Metta Center For Nonviolence In Petaluma, California.

As The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Continues To Highlight The Importance Of Collaborative Efforts & Various Platforms To Prioritize This Critical Issue; We Support & Partner With Organizations Nationally Who Are Doing Their Part, In Their Particular Forums & Yet Equal In Our Foundations Focus - Our Students Safety & Futures. The Metta Center For Nonviolence In California Is One Of Those Organizations.

And, NONVIOLENCE RADIO Is A Powerful, Educational, Engaging Resource We Are Proud To Resource.

Nonviolence Radio is a 60-minute program featuring news about nonviolence culture and movements around the world. The show typically includes inspiring discussions with nonviolence practitioners and movement-builders and The Nonviolence Report with Michael Nagler, founder of the Metta Center In California; with an analysis of nonviolence in the news from the week & more!

Hosted by the Metta Center's Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler, Nonviolence Radio airs every other Friday at 9:00 am PST, broadcasting live from community radio station KWMR, at 90.5 Point Reyes and syndicated via the Pacifica Network, iTunes, Spotify, and beyond.

Listeners tune in from around the world. We invite you to join us. CHECK FOR WEEKLY PODCASTS!

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids



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