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Uvalde Foundation Expands School Community Patrol Program To Vegas

National Nonprofit, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, formed following the Robb Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas Launches STOPNOW Volunteer School Patrol Program Throughout Clark County School District Communities - Las Vegas, Nevada


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids shared in an updated release addendum Tuesday afternoon, 5 December 2023, that it is continuing it's planned STOPNOW School Patrols for CCSD. Foundation officials noted for clarification in Tuesday's release, that its patrols are independent of school district policing operations and protocols & that due to foundation and community concerns about the school district student safety operations overall, coupled with a current district investigation underway for "possible civil rights violations," it "cannot in good conscience seek partnership with on campus operations at this time, but seek to address the growing school community & student safety concerns, through off campus patrols slated to begin in January 2024 following recruitment & training.


CCSD was placed on the list of open Title VI shared ancestry investigations on Nov. 21. The Clark County School District is now on a list of public and private schools from kindergarten through college that are under investigation for “possible civil rights violations.”


Following the November 1st beating death of 17 Year Old Student, Jonathon Lewis, Jr. & Ongoing student violence & safety concerns throughout The CCSD district; The Uvalde Foundation For Kids released Friday morning that following months of research and the recent spike in student violence and safety concerns; including the recent beating death of the student outside Rancho High School; that we have immediately begun the recruitment & launch of our STOPNOW volunteer patrols throughout the Rancho High School community with patrols planned around various CCSD district schools.

The foundation is considering sending "temporary," patrol teams to the school communities from as far as Texas, to address immediate student safety concerns. As of March 2023 CCSD reported over 94 School violence arrests and the district itself is on track to exceed the previous 2 years numbers of school violence related arrests and campus episodes.


Foundation STOPNOW Patrols, modeled after the "Guardian Angels," anti crime unit in NYC in the 1980's, patrol school perimeters to minimize & prevent safety incidents from reaching school campuses; while also providing extra encouragement and support for students and neighborhoods.

School patrols are part of an aggressive nationwide grassroots effort by the foundation to prevent violence from coming onto & disrupting school campuses and endangering student lives; while also serving as an added level of security presence and student support in the immediate off campus neighborhoods.

Patrols are currently ongoing at several historically troubled school neighborhoods or those effected by violence; throughout the nation; including the Covenant School, Morgan State University, Michigan State University & Choctaw High School; all sites of recent student related shootings and threats.

Covenant School Nashville Patrols:

Morgan State University Patrols:

Pulaski County Schools Patrols:


Team volunteers undergo foundational training. members are cleared through background checks & are trained in situational awareness and basic intervention techniques... Patrol members are unarmed and do not enter school or district property without clearance.




The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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