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Student Advocacy & Violence Protection Group Takes On Aubreigh Wyatt Case


Student advocacy nonprofit plans August 1st protest & open forum, following Aubreigh Wyatt Suicide


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids announced in a Monday morning release that it is planning an August 1, 2024 5 pm demonstration to protest bullying and lack of action following Mississippi student, Aubreigh Wyatt suicide. An open forum available for public discussion will begin at 6 pm. Officials with the foundation state that protestors are expected to come from several areas in support, from as far as Texas, California & Mississippi.

The foundation announced in Sundays release, the formal launch of its independent review of bullying of the student at the school and is considering a demonstration later this month at district offices. Newer cases involving other students now forthcoming are also being reviewed according to the release.


The foundation noted the Mississippi case joins several they have been involved in nationally to present, reflecting a growing problem of bullying related student suicide deaths throughout the nations schools in recent months

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An additional civil case & review of bullying claims, by foundation attorneys charging the school with "abject failures," in protecting and responding to ongoing complaints of bullying endured by the student,per district and state protocols. Officials state that a current lawsuit against the students mother for alleged "slander," is "unwarranted." A judge recently ruled that the mother, Heather Wyatt, must cease all mention of her daughters reported bullies/bullying on social media - A move the The Uvalde Foundation For Kids is asserting borders on "Free Speech," violations.


The planned protest will take place outside district offices. More information may be obtained by contacting the foundation & will be provided in subsequent releases.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

254 206 9089



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