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SITUATIONAL AWARENESS & Training For School Communities

In working with schools & school communities across the nation, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids advocates for & provides training to school communities, in SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, as a part of its overall programming to help prevent school violence.

This is most simply defined as, increasing school staff awareness as to where they, their students & staff are & what is going on in and around their immediate school environment at all times. This further allows school staff to be more alert & informed and to make better decisions; so as to ensure the safety & overall well being of their students & staff.

For schools, this includes training staff in what behaviors, etc., to look for in students or other individuals; which might indicate a potential crisis requiring intervention.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS training also includes awareness training regardng school personnel location, assigned duties, the environment, and any potential risks..


As part of our R.I.P. (RECOGNIZE-INTERVENE-PREVENT) School Safety Training Program, SITUATIONAL AWARENESS TRAINING trains school personnel to not simply be able to identify & intervene with potential students who may cause a disruption or harm to fellow students or staff; but also to empower staff in identifying & helping those of their students who may need intervention in other areas; such as bullying, social interaction struggles or even those students struggling with a mental health crisis.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS TRAINING is CRITICAL In both preventing school violence & increasing the quality of school life for students, staff & the greater school community.

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