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Mickey Mouse Joins Winnie The Pooh In New School Violence Prevention Book

Mickey Mouse Joins Winnie The Pooh & A New Character, 'Kindness', In Second Book By School Violence Prevention Group


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids; a national nonprofit organization, formed following the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas; announced Friday morning, December 15th 2023, the release of book two of it's children's school violence prevention series!


The original children's publication by the foundation, titled, "Winnie The Pooh & Kindness - A Thousand Acres School Manual To Prevent Violence," slated originally to be published Fall 2023; will now be published consecutively with book two in the Spring, 2024.

Aptly titled, "Mickey & "Kindness," book two introduces Mickey Mouse to the thousand acres school cast; joining familiar characters from book one, such as Winnie the Pooh & his friend, "Kindness," as they embark in a journey of understanding & preventing violence that has come to their thousand acres school.


Foundation writers in the announcement on the book release; that in addition to the foundations increasing and multilevel work to prevent school violence since the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas; that they wanted to find additional, even more versatile & creative ways to introduce the topics surrounding school violence & prevention to younger students nationwide. The idea of writing a book series was born after many months and varying projects nationwide.

The foundation release stated that the writers understood the necessity of introducing the topics within the book itself; empathetically and age appropriately, while also remaining educational. Yet they sought to do so in a way that would resonate with younger students.

The founder of the Texas based nonprofit, Daniel Chapin, noted in Friday's announcement on the new book series stating, "When we realized earlier in the year & now, even more recently, that the opportunity presented itself to incorporate into this book project, these beloved characters that so many of us grew up with; to educate youth in preventing and responding to school violence - we acted.
Winnie the Pooh and now, beginning January 1st 2024, the earliest version of Mickey Mouse, known as, "Steamboat Willie," become public domain; opening up certain use of images and other previously copywriten material. We expect this series to connect quickly & powerfully with school communities; but moreso students everywhere."

The complete series by the foundation, covers student & school violence topics including active shooting incidents, school threats & other areas the foundation views as "Cultural Violence," such as bullying & student isolation..


"Winnie The Pooh & Kindness - A Thousand Acres School Manual To Prevent Violence" & "Mickey & Kindness," along with subsequent publications, will be made available at NO COST to school districts nationwide.




The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464



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