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"How Does It Feel To Go To Prom With A Killer?"

"How Does It Feel To Go To Prom With a Killer?"

From "4/20/99: A Story of Columbine"


"4/20/99: A Story of Columbine" Is a full-length theatrical production that covers the before, during and aftermath events regarding the 1999 Columbine High School tragedy, a Foundation sponsored production that draws particular emphasis on the friends and family members of the two perpetrators.

The Columbine Memorial, lesser known perspectives, and never before told information, of how an hour long act of terror at a suburban high school, changed the world forever intertwine on this powerful production. Join us for an artistic and memorialized experience as we tell the stories of those involved, help to provide a better understanding around the subject matter, and shed light on the school shooting epidemic that we are currently experiencing.

Presenting a scene that has never been posted in its full form before and completely improvised by actress EmilyAnne McDermott. "How Does It Feel To Go To Prom With a Killer?" Unravels Robyn Andersons life in the immediate aftermath of Columbine. Robyn, who attended prom with perpetrator Dylan Klebold only 3 days before the tragedy, reflects on the events in her life that lead to that moment & how a teen girls emotions and feelings were taken advantage of by someone she trusted, the legal matters she had to face, and the mistrust from those around the nation.


McDermott delivered one of the strongest scenes in the production, as well as the only scene not written by Autumn Cazier.


A variation of this scene will be making a comeback in our next run;

Reopening for 10 performances

Eccles Regent Street Blackbox Theater

Salt Lake City, Utah

October- November, 2024


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Performing Arts Department

C/O Autumn Cazier - Director

888 685 8464



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