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Denver Dad, Paralyzed After Shooting To Receive Heroism Award From Uvalde Foundation For Kids

Uvalde Foundation For Kids


Denver (CO) — The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a national nonprofit organization formed in response to the May 2022 Uvalde, Texas school shooting, announced Wednesday morning that it will be recognizing Colorado resident, Angelo Duran, with its NATIONAL AWARD FOR HEROISM after being shot 4 Times back in October by a teen with a gun, who was pursuing another student onto the campus of Rocky Mountain Prep Southwest elementary school in Denver.

Foundation officials noted in the release that Duran was picking up his fourth-grade son from the school, when he saw a teen, who appeared to be going after another student near the school. As Duran confronted the teen, he was shot. One bullet is still in Duran’s spine. It left him paralyzed, and he’s been in hospitals ever since. Police have made an arrest in the case.


According to the foundation's release; Duran helped prevent a serious school incident by intervening and risked his own life to do so.

Founder of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, Daniel Chapin noted in the release that, "This is the true definition of a hero. This gentlemen represents the growing voice of the mothers, father's, students and community members who do not merely stand in words against violence against our students, but also in action!"

The foundation noted that the Denver, CO resident joins others nationally to receive recognitions through its award program, including Casey Orloski, out of Ohio, who recently was granted a student heroism award after reporting a bullet in his schools bathroom, which later proved as part of a school shooting plan against students, the Nashville Police Department, following their response to the Covenant School shooting and more recently officers with the Pittsburgh Police Department who ended an on campus school shooting threat earlier this month.

Teacher Shot By Student Reacts To Grant:

Covenant School Officers To Be Honored:

Pittsburgh Bureau Of Police Recognized By Uvalde Nonprofit:


Officials with the foundation stated that as a part of the award, the foundation is setting up a month long emergency FUND to support Duran & his family with medical costs associated with his ongoing recovery from the incident.

An award presentation ceremony to honor Duran in Denver will be planned in the near future. Officials with the foundation have also requested the Denver Chief of Police to host.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

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