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A Bully Free Zone!!!

Updated: Mar 8

VIOLENCE in Our Schools Can Take On Many Forms! At "The Uvalde Foundation For Kids," We Believe That Keeping Our Kids Safe In Schools Also Involves Preventing School Violence Internally Amongst Our Students.

Teaching Kids About The Hazards & Hurts Of Bullying, For Example, Can Have A Larger Effect On A Student Population - Decreasing The Potential For Explosive Violence Later From Bullied Individuals & Increasing Longer Term, Positive Peer To Peer - Student To Student Relations.

We Introduce "Edens Cry," Antibullying Campaign Dedicated To Eden Wormer! CLICK BELOW For Our Intro BY A Former Student Peer Board Member!

Visit Our Website Today Or Call 888 685 8464 For More Information & To Learn How To Sign Your Students/School Up OR If You Are a Student, Taking A Homework Break, Wanting To Talk Or Could Really Use Some Help!!!

Creative & Powerful Antibullying Programs, Speakers For Assemblies, 24 Hour Youth Connection Line & More!

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