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Latest News: Latest News

Virginia Teacher Granted, "Hero" Award From Foundation

January 10, 2023

Updated (14 February 2023)

Toscano, Zwerners attorney shared this week, Abby’s reaction to receiving the grant: “Abby and her family have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from students, parents, and fellow teachers in Newport News and from educators and organizations around the country. Thank you all!”

Last month, Toscano announced that she is filing a lawsuit against Newport News Public School on Zwerner’s behalf.


Original Report:

This week, the Uvalde Foundation For Kids selected Teacher Abby Zwerner from Richneck Elementary School as the “Hero" Teacher Award Recipient For her Bravery and Dedication. Ms. Zwerner Is Currently Recovering From Injuries Sustained When A 6-Year-Old Student Shot Her In Class At Richneck Elementary School Last Week In Newport News, Virginia. 


The Award Will Be Presented To Ms Zwerner At A Date/Time TBD With Our Bi-Annual Student "Hero" Grant To Be Presented To This Year's Student Recipients In Her Honor. Richneck Elementary School, on her behalf, will also receive support funding to further develop in school antiviolence, mental health care and student mental health care.


As Our Foundation Continues To Recognize Through Our Student "Hero" Scholarship Deserving Students From Across The Nation, The Foundation Wishes Also To Recognize Those "Hero" Teachers - Those Who Go Above & Beyond To Both Teach & Protect The Welfare Of Their Students. Ms Zwerner Is One Of Those Educators."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids

888 685 8464


Foundation Selected As Fundraiser Recipient For 300 Mile Relay Run For Mental Health

January 12, 2025

"Run For Their Lives," Organizes 300 Mile Endurance Run To Aide The Ongoing Mental Health Crisis Support Programs Of The Uvalde Foundation For Kids.

This Year's Endurance Run Fundraiser, Held Annually To Raise Awareness To The Importance of Effectively Addressing Trauma & Mental Health; Will Raise Funds For The Foundations Mental Health Support Services For Victims, Families & Directly Affected Communities Experiencing Trauma As A Result Of School Violence. This In Honor Of Those Who Lost There Lives at The Robb Elementary School Shooting In Uvalde, Texas, May 2022.
STATEMENT (RUN FOR THEIR LIVES):"R4TL will also be honoring those lived lost due to Uvalde school shooting. Why? Because those and other families are still suffering from these traumatic events; which could cause PTSD or mental health issue. We want those families to know they are not forgotten and we will honor them."


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Launches Rochester, NY Student Shootings Investigation - Extends Support Resources

January 22, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, born out of The Uvalde, Texas School Shooting; Announced Over The Weekend That It Is Investigating ongoing safety concerns by students and the school community at Ben Franklin High School in New York, following the recent shooting of 2 students near the secondary school earlier this month.

The Foundation further noted that various inquiry requests from parents and students within the Rochester community; to provide additional intervention and training resources are being met.

Many students at the High school still have not returned to the city campus.Official Foundation UPDATES WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE During The Course Of The Next Several Days.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Offers Threat Response Support To Washington Middle School

January 24, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, A NonProfit School Antiviolence & Advocacy Organization; Formed Following the Tragic School Shooting At Robb Elementary School In Uvalde, Texas; Announced on Sunday That It Is Now Investigating Ongoing Concerns Surrounding Recent Threats to Students At The School & Expressed Concerns By The School Community Of North Pines Middle School In Spokane Valley, Washington.

The School has recently experienced threats to students. The Foundation Reported That Current Families of Students At The Middle School Have Asked For Foundation Support, Expressing That Their Fears For Student Safety, Have Gone Unnoticed; Far Beyond Recent School Threats Made Toward The school. Parents and Students Further reported ongoing bullying and unreported violent student behaviors at the Middle School In recent months.

The Foundation Announced Plans to ensure parents concerns are appropriately Addressed & Has plans to present findings to the School Board, State Board Of Education & The School Community, Following The Investigation so as To provide school administrators with additional school safety and threat assesment training.

As of Sunday Evening, the Foundation has opened its 24 hour threat reporting & Student Peer support network for students and families facing ongoing fears of school violence. 

More Information & Updates May Be Obtained Through The Foundation at 888 685 8464 or


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Opens GOFUNDME For NonProfit School Founder Shot in Des Moines, Iowa - Extends Crisis Support Resources

January 24, 2023

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, A 501c3 Foundation Dedicated To Ending School Violence; Has Extended Its Support & Resources At This Time For The Entire, "Starts Right Here," School Community In Des Moines, Iowa. We Continue To Hope, Collectively, With Others Across the Nation, For A Quick Recovery To Founder & President, Mr. William Holmes.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, Following A Directive By Founder & National Director, Daniel Chapin, Has Additionally Initiated A Special GOFUNDME For Mr Holmes To Alleviate Any Immediate Financial Concerns Requiring Attention During This Time. This Is A Fundraiser Organized For The Care Of Mr. HOLMES Alone & As Such, Is Not Being Allocated To School Program At This Time; Unless Mr Holmes Himself Makes That Decision.

INDIVIDUALS Wishing To Support The School Itself, Are Encouraged To Do So Via Their Website At:
Funds Are Overseen & Vetted Through The Foundation Emergency Aide Review Board To Ensure Accountability & Direct Delivery Of Donations. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Opens Inquiry Into East Lansing High School

January 29, 2023

Amid Recent Reports Made Public, Pertaining To School Safety Concerns, Coupled With Requests From Area Parents & Students At East Lansing High School; The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization, Formed Following The May 2022 Robb Elementary School Shooting; Announced Sunday, That It Is Opening Its Own Independent Investigations Into Growing Student Safety Concerns At The District School.

An Official Report & Suggestions To Be Presented To School Board Officials Will Be Presented Following The Expected Lengthy Inquiry.


The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Raises Over $750 For NonProfit School Founder Shot In Des Moines, Iowa

January 8, 2023

We Have COMPLETED Our Special GOFUNDME For, "Starts Right Here," NonProfit School Founder, Mr Wlliam Holmes, AKA "Will Keys," Who Was Shot At The NonProfit School He Founded, A Few Weeks Ago.

Thank You To The 17 Individuals Who Not Only Expressed Concern; But Put Their Actions To Words & Supported This Worthy Cause! Over $750 Was Raised During This Fundraising Effort & Will Be DONATED To Mr Holmes' NonProfit, "Starts Right Here," In Des Moines, Iowa.

Supporting Those Working On Behalf Of Our Students Across This Nation, Is just Another Way, The Uvalde Foundation For Kids Is Making A Difference!

Don’t miss out on any The Uvalde Foundation For Kids news or updates.

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